Are companies loyal to their staff?

The JFC Staffing Companies are local family owned.

It all started back in 1975 out of a one room office where husband and wife, Jim F Carchidi and Linda A Carchidi, started JFC Personnel, a permanent placement service.  Today we have a work family of 70+ people strong spread across 3 separate niche recruiting Companies: JFC Temps, JFC Global, and JFC Medical.

What does JFC stand for?  Well if you ask Jim F. Carchidi – it’s his initials.  BUT if you ask his wife, our CEO, it stands for Jobs-Futures-Careers.

In 1997 the Carchidi’s were approached by a broker to sell the JFC Companies to a National big box staffing entity.  Why did they not take the “many” million dollar deal?  They could not, and would not, turn their backs on the employees they call family; risking them being downsized in the acquisition.

So not only are the JFC Staffing Companies LOCAL but the founders are LOYAL – loyal to the family of employees, loyal to their customers, and loyal to the communities that made their dream a reality.

Support us by being part of our family; family of customers.

All our best,

The Carchidi Family and JFC extended family of employees and customers,