A better YOU starts with a healthy diet!

By Christine Spaan, Managing Director

How to get more veggies into your day!

No matter where you turn there are lots of different experts on health and nutrition with lots of different opinions. One thing they can agree on is that you should eat your vegetables and with good reason. Eating a wide variety of vegetables each day is universally recommended for better health. Turns out only 9% of American adults get the recommended 1 to 3 cups each day!

If you reserve vegetables for lunch or dinner, it can be difficult to get your daily serving. But if you start your day by eating vegetables for breakfast that can put you on pace to meet your vitamin and mineral needs! So, say YES to veggies for breakfast!

Here are a few ways to sneak them in first thing in the morning! Maybe your kids will be so tired they won’t even notice!

  1. The Green Smoothie – a favorite and certainly not a new concept but starting a smoothie with a cup or two of raw greens like kale or spinach and you’re on your way to a great day.
  2. Add Pumpkin or Squash or Sweet Potato puree to your pancake or waffle mix. Just add in about 1/2 cup puree to the mix and proceed as normal. No one will know – especially if you add a little cinnamon.
  3. Avocado – okay, technically a fruit but chock full of healthy fats will help you stay fuller, longer. Avocado multi-grain toast anyone? Maybe add some radishes for extra crunch, color and veggie content.
  4. Instead of fried hash browns…why not try zucchini fries with your scrambled eggs? Just cut them up like fries…add a little salt, pepper and olive oil and roast them until crispy.
  5. How about a veggie omelet? – kick the bacon to the curb and load up on mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach and asparagus. You’ll feel better and not be hungry for hours with all that veggie power.

Starting your day in this way will get you much closer to the recommended daily amount and make you feel better too!  Fueling your body with the right food will prepare you for whatever comes your way throughout the day!