What We’re Here to Do

Here at the JFC Staffing Companies, YOU are our #1 customer! JFC’rs are trained, mentored, and coached into shining stars (individual champions) among a constellation of stars (championship teams) – where everyone has a voice and shares in the transformational rewards.

  • JFC Customer Commitment

    Our definition of good service is the Customer Commitment. Success does not come from fancy buzzwords or marketing fads. Success comes from an unwavering commitment to delivering positive experiences.

    I. Do what’s best for the customer.
    II. Be accountable.
    III. Always be kind and be true.
    IV. Make active listening part of every interaction.
    V. Over communicate.
    VI. Seek and take action for the customer.
    VII. Preserve high customer loyalty (Net Promoter Rating).
    VIII. Support the team.
    IX. Be a source for acknowledgment and appreciation.
    X. Keep things fun and celebrate often.
  • Positively Impacting Lives

    JFC is recognized for our specialized recruiting, customer relationships and responsiveness.

    You’ll find our team members are the best in their field and uniquely responsive and sensitive to your needs.

  • Responsibility to the Community

    JFC’s involvement in the community is first class. From local charity drives to volunteering time for various community programs, JFC employees rally together to support causes that are near and dear to their heart.

    The JFC team is proud to receive the American Staffing Association’s national award for excellence in corporate social responsibility efforts, the ASA CARE Award.

Delivering Positive Experiences

It’s What We Do

Recruiting is our industry, but delivering positive experiences is our business. At JFC, we BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS and strive to be more personally involved than any other staffing firm in contributing to your success.

Our Story

It all started back in 1975 out of a one room office where husband and wife Jim F. Carchidi and Linda A. Carchidi started JFC Personnel, a permanent placement service. Today, we have a much larger work family spread across two niche recruiting companies.

In 1997, the founders were approached by a publicly traded, big box staffing entity. This interested buyer offered a BIG payout. Ultimately, Jim and Linda opted not to cash in on their offer. They realized that by accepting the deal office closures and layoffs would ensue. Husband and wife, Jim and Linda Carchidi, simply could not nor would not jeopardize the livelihood of their JFC work family.

So not only are the JFC Staffing Companies LOCAL but the founders are LOYAL – loyal to their family of employees, loyal to their customers and loyal to the communities which helped them turn their dream into a reality.

Support us by being a part of our family of employees and customers.