Are you a multiplier?

Multipliers are people who look beyond their current capability, continuously extending and growing their intelligence. They give 100 percent of their abilities and then some. These people are dedicated students to human development of themselves and those around them.

One of the biggest challenges in business today is not insufficient resources, but rather the underutilization of resources already available to us. Far too many organizations recruit people, not as talent to be developed, but more as a resource to be deployed. Likewise, far too many people walk through life only to deploy their existing talents. Regrettably, both organizations and individuals seemingly underutilize and underappreciate human development. (Check out the book “Mindset” from our library.)

Why is it that so many organizations and individuals are content with leaving capabilities on the table?

Here at JFC we expect great things from our people. We want you to embody a growth mindset — to be a multiplier; solving harder problems, adapting more quickly, and taking more strategic action. We acknowledge this is a shared responsibility. As an organizational we must bring the right people together. Leadership must coach and liberate you to do your best thinking. And you must be a constant student of your own human development, a multiplier!

I view our work family as full of talented people who are capable of continuously bettering themselves, their teams, and the organization. I believe in you. I also believe that you likely possess far more capability (creativity, initiative, and resourcefulness) than what you realize.

The question remains, “Are you capable of becoming a multiplier?”