Are you feeling the holiday blues?

Feeling blueAdmittedly I have come down with the holiday blues and I know I’m not alone. My personal and professional schedules have me feeling over-stretched.  I am not getting much sleep.  I can’t rid myself of a nasty head cold.  Sound familiar?

Many of us are running a marathon around the holidays but at a sprint pace. Obviously this is not maintainable.  Doing so deteriorates both our mental and physical state.   As we reach this tipping point it is time to take back control.

How? The solution lies in our choice of perspective.

Imagine for a moment that you just exhausted hours of time and energy decorating the outside of your home (Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). Do you stand right in front of it or step back and take it all in?  This is choice of perspective!

When you start feeling frazzled by mounting commitments and daunting “to do” lists, step back and choose a different perspective. Look over the next month on your calendar.  Identify the true priorities.  Decide what can be rescheduled for a later time, and take things one step at a time.

By the time you read this message I hope to have lived up to my own advice. My calendar will be more manageable.  I will be enjoying good night’s sleep and no longer battling a head cold.

What perspective are you viewing things from today? Might there be one that will better serve you?  After all, the choice is yours…

Have a most joyous and memorable holiday season!

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