Are your beginnings really endings in disguise?

Do you start your day with negative or stressful thoughts? Oh it’s raining again, I do not want to have that meeting today, and on and on…Emotional Intelligence

When you focus your attention on the negative you prevent yourself from observing the many possibilities around you. A negative mindset is self-fulfilling but so too is a positive mindset. Why not choose the latter?

Beginnings are important. The way you begin your day often predicts the level of success that follows. This is especially true for what you tell yourself about the given realities of your day.

A simple way to rewire your thought process is to look for positive moments from your previous day in which your behavior influenced a better outcome. Such positive reflection fuels better performance; it reorients the brain toward things that help create a better reality.

Everything you are exposed to will influence your behavior. Social psychology refers to this as priming. It often occurs without you even noticing what is going on.

One example is watching the news. All the sensational negative charged stories will surely prime your mind to be negative. So why start your morning watching the news? Rather, begin each day reflecting on the good and positive possibilities that lie ahead. Doing so will reinforce an optimistic mindset and change your behavior for the better.

Each morning is a gift. Never go into a new day with pessimistic thoughts.

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