While we cannot predict the future, we can create it…

The famed author and business analyst Jim Collins said, “Life is uncertain, the future unknown.  This is neither good nor bad.  It is just like gravity.  Yet the task remains: how to master our own fate, even so.”

Here at the JFC Staffing Companies we couldn’t agree more!

My work family and and I, we are mastering our own fate.  We are focused on growing a high-spirit, fun-loving, culture of Customer Commitment.  Our efforts are working.  For two straight years our work family accomplished what less than 1% of the industry will; being named to Inavero’s Best of Staffing™ Client list.  Not only did we make the list again but JFC is at the top; quadrupling the industry average.

This is why our vision, to be the GREATEST family of recruiting companies across the entire state of Pennsylvania, is measured by Net Promoter Scores (NPS).  It’s the number we get from our EPE that tells us how likely a client is to refer us to someone. (Scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best)

Net Promoter Scores are critical to our vision.  Referrals are a huge part of our business and our growth. If our NPS is low, our referrals will be low and that tells us that we aren’t fulfilling our Customer Commitment.  This is something you and I will always have control over.  This is what will continue making us GREAT!

I say to my fellow team members, thank you for contributing to our cause; Customer Commitment!

You are my #1 Customer.

James M. Carchidi, CSP

Executive Vice President

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Why do you work???

Many people quickly respond – for the money.  But when you really stop to think about it, I bet your answer will be different.  Many studies have been done on this, and research shows that most people work for the same reason – and it’s not money!  Their primary goal is to feel a sense of purpose in what they do.   If you don’t feel a strong purpose for what you do, then chances are you will not bring value to what you do.

Let’s apply this to what we do at the JFC Staffing Companies.  Why do our customers do business with us?  Is it because they have a relationship with JFC?  No, it’s because they have a relationship with our valued team members.   Every day we are given the opportunity to create value for others, thus creating a relationship – whether it’s answering a question about an invoice, greeting a co-worker with a smile, solving a computer problem, or placing a candidate with a client.

Everything that we do, both verbal and non-verbal, makes a significant impression on people and defines what type of relationship we will have with that person.  JFC’s Customer Commitment guides us towards creating those positive experiences for our customers.  Talking about it is easy, but actually living that commitment is what will make our work family GREAT.

I encourage you to continually be asking yourself, “How am I creating value in my job?”

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Why Do So Many Talented A-Players Work @ JFC???

Amidst an unstable environment, when things were uncertain and potentially harmful; the JFC family persevered, and made 2012 a huge success!   All 3 JFC companies exceeded goal, 14/15 internal hires were referrals, we were named to Inavero’s “Best of Staffing Client” list, a finalist in Lancaster’s Ethics In Business award, Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best, Sentinel’s Best of West Shore and Best of Carlisle, as well as JFC Global making Central Penn Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies.

Culture is KING/QUEEN here.  Each member of the JFC work family feels a sense of purpose in what they do.   Heck, if you don’t feel a strong purpose for what you do, then chances are you will not bring value to what you do. Everything that we do, both verbal and non-verbal, makes a significant impression on people and defines what type of relationship we will have with that person.  Our philosophy is that we can be successful and not significant but we cannot be significant without being successful.  Success is a measure of our achievement.  Significance is a measure of how our achievement impacts others.  Happiness is not just a mood at JFC; it’s a work ethic.  What we do here is meaningful; our achievements impact others thus making us significant.

Our strategy is quite simple.  It’s not an event or a day; but rather an ongoing effort designed to foster the level of interaction, trust, and cooperation that enables our employees and customers to achieve great things together.  The foundation of our strategy is the Customer Commitment and a relentless focus on improving our ability to execute it.

Our Customer Commitment guides us towards creating those positive experiences for others.  Customer Commitment centers on what all people want and what we have complete control over; to be treated well and given a positive experience.  Our Customer Commitment makes us both successful and significant.  We are successful when you treat customers well; and in doing so we are significant to these customers.  The strategy of our Customer Commitment is simple and relevant.  How we treat the customer (Customers are those who receive the work that we do: both internal and external) is the blueprint for long-term growth and success.  The purpose of our work is to develop other people; our customers.   That’s significant — making things better for others.

Our internal State of the Org Survey had in it 12 questions that were developed by the Gallup Organization scientifically to measure employee engagement.  And while Gallup’s recent poll determined a whopping 72% of American workers are not engaged; JFC’s showed that our work family is quite the opposite.  Everyone on the JFC team participated in the survey.  The results proved we are an engaged team and that our culture is supportive of it.

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Holidays can be stressful; avoid the anguish: decide!

Dear JFC work family,

Do you find that, rather than feeling jolly and care-free, the holiday season leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  If you’re feeling irritable, rushed, or overwhelmed, keep your Customer Commitment in mind to help boost your happiness.

We all cope with stress in different ways, but it all starts first and foremost with a decision.  And while we cannot control much of what happens in work and in life; we can determine the impact events have on us by choosing how we respond.   Similar to our Customer Commitment!

Imagine for a moment that it is Thanksgiving Day.  Amidst the flurry of preparation going on in the kitchen you place your hand on the hot stove.  OUCH!  Immediately you remove your hand to avoid any further discomfort.  After all, keeping your hand on a hot stove can only make the situation worse.

Oddly enough, when we find ourselves in emotional distress (versus physical distress), we often stay “stuck” in anguish mode.  This has a profound affect.  If we fail to shift our mindset it is like keeping our hand on a hot stove – it can only worsen the situation.

The next time you find yourself in distress, be careful choosing how to respond.  You can choose to initiate the snowballing, self-reinforcing perspective of anguish; or the snowballing, self-reinforcing perspective of happiness.  Which would you rather guide you through life?

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you!

James M. Carchidi, CSP

Executive Vice President

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This October say cheese; not boo!

happy-ghostBoth a smile and a frown are contagious.  A smile will attract people whereas a frown will push people off.  Which would you rather catch – despair or a feeling of happiness? And which do you think your customers would rather catch?

Consider the neuroscience behind the smile.  Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that “Life is great!”

The tiny act of smiling can deter major symptoms like depression, stress and worry.  It is scientifically proven that smiling makes you more relaxed, causing a measurable reduction in your blood pressure.  And as already noted, smiling releases endorphins, your brain’s natural pain relievers and serotonin.  When these two brain chemicals work together, they increase your feelings of well-being.

I am not saying that you should ever cover up your feelings of frustration or unhappiness by pretending to smile things away.  In fact, I encourage you to always leave the doors of communication open.  Just know that a smile can ease your way into a difficult but necessary conversation (with an internal or an external customer).

The greatest compliment I receive is a referral from readers.  Please SHARE my blog with your network.  Thanks for not keeping us a secret!  

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The JFC work family believes in great work.

Do you believe in what you do?

“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

–    Steve Jobs,

Organizations all over America are failing not because of the economy but because of themselves.  Their downfall is due to their tolerance of leaders and teams who lack passion for doing great work.  At JFC we know that the success of any organization is largely dependent on the satisfaction level of its customers which is largely dependent on the satisfaction levels of its employees.  Thus, your satisfaction and belief in what you do here is the basis for our success – past, present, and future.

What we are creating here is special and our team is equal part of it.  We are unique by today’s standards by caring about doing great work for others: our customers.  For us it’s about passion, energy, ingenuity, and the excitement of creating a new reality for ourselves and for others that is far better than the old reality.

Whether it’s engineering iPhones or delivering JFC Customer Commitment*, those who love what they do will always win over those who simply exist.  You owe it to yourself and to others to love what you do.  Search your own heart for your motives, your uncertainties, and your biases.  To my incredible JFC work family, check that you are committed to and aligned with “where we are going,” “why we are going there,” and “who is coming.”

James M. Carchidi, CSP

Executive Vice President

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The JFC work family knows who we are and where we are going but “Who is coming?”

Let me begin with a summary of behavioral economic data on workplaces (you know how I love metrics).  It comes from a Gallup study on workplace productivity, and it consists of 12 critical elements of work life.  Gallup has asked millions of workers worldwide to respond to these items for more than a decade and always discovers the same thing: miserable employees create miserable customers.

So let’s answer the question, “Who is coming?”  — Engaged employees, that’s who!

Gallup shows that out of approximately 100 million full-time workers, there are 19 million actively disengaged employees in the United States.  They determined that 28% of the American workforce is engaged, another 53% is not engaged, and a staggering 19% is disengaged.  Whatever the engaged do the actively disengaged seek to undo: this includes maintaining and creating new customers.

A whopping 72% of employees in the United States are not engaged or disengaged.  This is very encouraging to me!  We have a highly engaged work family comprised of creative and innovative people all working to preserve and create new customers.  The goal is to have all of the JFC team fall into the 28% of engaged employees in the country.  One thing is for sure – I need your help!

Remember, you have 100% control over our Customer Commitment.  Consistent execution of it should provide you with a sense of fulfillment and significance; igniting high levels of engagement in the work that you do.   If you have any ideas for us to increase employee engagement then please let me know.  I welcome any and all feedback.

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