Budget; not a lively topic / Budget; does keep an organization alive!

To my JFC work family,

Last month’s letter spoke to the fact that “while we cannot predict the future, we can create it.” This holds true with accomplishing our annual goals and budget. While budgeting is not a lively topic, it does keep our organization alive. Failure to consistently meet goals and budget is a recipe for disaster, as evidenced today with the fiscal cliff and sequestration.

Each JFC Company VP and manager goes to great lengths to work with the staff and determine what each person needs to contribute in order for the company to hit their goals. These goals are what we use to budget the expenses that are needed to run our business. They are set realistically to be hit consistently over time. The only way we are going to get where we need to be in five years is to meet annual goals and budgets consistently. We’ve got to get 100% of the way every year.

I think our nation’s mindset today is one of, “Gee, it sure would be nice to hit budget” but then governments, businesses, and individuals fail to rigorously work towards meeting them as a way to predict and control their future. For us here at JFC we want to grow our high-spirit, fun-loving, culture across the state of Pennsylvania. To do so requires each of us hitting our goals with great consistency over a period of time.

Our combined average annual growth rate over this past decade has been 5.9%. With the talent on staff it should be double that. Major swings over time and inconsistent growth rates led to years with limitations on perks provided to our work family. Things like increases and 401K matching have been impacted. This is why I need your commitment to knowing your goal and working to consistently achieve it.

By hitting our goals and budget we prove to ourselves, our customers and our competitors, that JFC’s performance will not be shaken by outside conditions. The factors that determine whether or not we hit goal/budget each year lie largely within our own hands. It’s not a matter of what happens to JFC but a matter of what we create, what we do, and how well we do it.

Ask yourself, “What piece of the budget does my role impact most?” Whether you’re a recruiter with a weekly GM$ goal or a VP overseeing your company budget, we all have a stake in the end results. In 2012 all JFC Staffing Companies met their goal and budget. Let’s make 2013 the second year in a row!

You are my #1 Customer. Refer “A-Players” to join our team!

James M. Carchidi, CSP
Executive Vice President