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SQL Server Database Administrator

A Senior Database Administrator with over 5 years of experience using MS SQL and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Analysis. She has her MTA Database Fundamentals certification and is pursuing a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certificate. After starting as a Helpdesk Technician she was promoted internally to a Jr. SQL Server Database Administrator. In this role she primarily focused on performance issues. However, she was instrumental in incorporating SQL server, automating backup and restoration jobs, and implementing a change management process. She resolved an issue where a client was not able to retrieve data by going into the database and switching the log sheet mode off of restoring mode. She was the one who suggested on their first attempt in patching to not do on the production database. She explained the importance of patching in a lower environment first and giving a 3 week period without negative reactions to ensure it is capable of withstanding a production environment. Currently, her company is trying to move to Azure cloud and she is the primary person in charge of this task. She is looking into deploying their databases in elastic pool and is using the High Availability tool to help move to the cloud. This tool enables to have one of their databases in the cloud and one still on premise. She has the ability to take OLAP script and fix it to conform to the appropriate environment and has created her own databases and indexes by writing her own scripts. 

Category: Information Technology


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