Competence & Capacity – What’s The Difference?

Competence is the ability to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of one’s own job and an ability to train others in these duties. It includes evidence of good judgment. We think of competent people as ‘professional’ in their jobs. It’s what they know and how they demonstrate what they know.

Capacity refers to what the individual is capable of achieving – what they’re capable of doing beyond what they currently do. These people develop a disciplined and orderly mind – one that is accustomed to thinking hard and dealing with problems outside the norm. They are constantly engaged in learning, training, and explaining the merits of alternative decisions and courses of action. From these innate abilities, they possess the capacity to grow into new responsibilities.

What’s the difference? To be capable means that you can get the job done; whereas capacity means that you have the potential to further your growth, development, or accomplishment. On a management level, most are capable of managing people however those with the capacity to be builders of people will take things to the next level. Similarly, management set goals that their people are capable of hitting whereas team members may illustrate the capacity to exceed such goals. Herein lies our future; your capacity.

Let’s equate this lesson to running. Most people are capable of running but few have the capacity to run marathons. Those that run marathons did so by developing themselves into distance runners. Likewise, in order for us to be the BEST for the long haul, we need the capacity to go the distance. We are at our BEST when the entire JFC family is learning, growing, and developing.

We will continue to be the BEST as long as we maintain A Players doing A work, executing to the maximum. In the end, the JFC Staffing Companies are the BEST because of the competence and capacity of people like you!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!