How would you describe your mood?

Has the weather got you down?

Being a self-proclaimed “happy guy” I too struggled these past few months. Whether it was dreary grey skies, frigid temps, or the routine barrage of rain, sleet, and snow; this winter has been downright challenging.

Some of you have asked, “How do you stay so upbeat and full of energy?” My typical response, “I make the decision to be.” To underscore my belief, there is a line from the magazine Live Happy that reads, “The secret to happiness is that there is no secret at all.” I agree.

This is not to say that life’s events have no influence over our moods. They most definitely do. Understandably, it’s easier to be happy on a sunny warm day than it is on a rainy cold day. The key here is to take control. You have the power to choose your mood — choose happiness.

Traditionally, companies do not believe happiness has any business in the workplace. Most executives will say that it’s fluff. Well not here, not JFC. Instead, this organization and its people believe the opposite. The overall mood in any organization will greatly affect overall performance.

Happy team members make happy customers and happy customers made JFC a three-time recipient of Inavero’s Best of Staffing: Client Satisfaction list. This is an accomplishment only 2% of our industry receives. You did it, we did it; not by chance but rather by choosing to deliver positive experiences to others.

Make sure you are devoted to your mood, your team’s mood, and the entire organization’s mood. When we decide to be happy, especially when it’s not the easy choice, we lift our moods and that of others (our customers, our friends, our family).