Reviews & Ratings

We’re proud of our great reputation! Thank you to all of our candidates, employees, and customers who have gone out of their way to write about their experience with JFC and how we’ve positively impacted their lives!

JFC Staffing Companies wouldn’t have received Best Places to Work in PA, and Simply the Best for so many years, without the opportunity to serve our community in the best way that we can!

I had the opportunity to work with Victoria Blackburn and she was really very helpful! She took the time to listen to what I had to say and was always available to answer questions and provide meaningful feedback. She never failed in offering support and did so pleasantly with the utmost professionalism! […]

Systems Analyst (Katie)

Taylor Nunemacher was amazing to work with. She really went above and beyond in finding employment opportunities and gauging my interest with them to find a good fit. I am very appreciative of her efforts.

IT Support Technician (Nicholas)

JFC Global, specifically Alysa Hart and her team, went above and beyond. They landed me a job paying even higher than the set price, and acquired additional perks for me. Very happy!

IT Support Technician (Jonathan)

I'm overall pleased with my experience with JFC. Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Housekeeper (Dawn)

Maria George has been excellent to work with. She typically is able to provide candidates that are well fitted to us. Other staffing services have struggled with this.

Project Manager (Steve)

You were accurate and excellent….always answered when I needed you[…]if I could give you more than 10 on the scale I would

General Labor (Felix)

This was the first temp agency I used where I had the same recruiter(Chris Kokes). There was constant communication and I felt like he had my back on every assignment. He actually wanted me to find a job that fit me, instead of just placing me somewhere.

Office Administrator (Lyndsey)

[…]After working with Victoria my opinion, at least of JFC Global, has changed. I can see you aren't just trying to put a body in a seat, but trying to best match candidates with companies. I was also happy with the availability of your recruiters and staff. I will recommend your company to anyone […]

PC Technician (Jason)

Very proactive communication and friendliness. Working to create a successful outcome for both employee and employer[…] I also really like that we will be meeting to make a plan for me to succeed at my new employer long-term[…] in all honesty – best recruitment experience I've ever had.

Developer (David)

They jump in right away and do everything they can to put you somewhere to work. Very friendly as well.

Machine Operator (Yaritza)

Great attitude […] you guys are at your best I don't think it can get any better

Welder (Jerry)

Taylor and Rachelle have been amazing and extremely helpful through this entire process[…]I never felt as though I was waiting for an answer for too long. JFC Global is a company that shows integrity and pride in what they do and that shows through the people they have working for them. I am more than satisfied[…]

Assistant Store Manager (Tony)

Very thorough screening to make sure you get the best opportunity

Administrative Assistant (Amy)

JFC Global linked me with what on paper may have seemed like an unlikely or outside-the-box match, but it wound up being an awesome match! I would hope that a friend or colleague would have the same experience[…]

Operations Automation Engineer (Brian)

The service that you provided was excellent I was very pleased

Welder (Robert)

Taylor, my recruiter, worked very fast to find me a job. She was very professional. Taylor took the time to call me at the end of my first day to ask how things went and I thought that was awesome. So thanks to Taylor and JFC temps!

Machine Operator (Denton)

Maria was wonderful in helping me every step of the way. You guys have provided me with the least stressful job search I've ever gone through. For me you guys did a wonderful job staying in contact, keeping me informed, and helping me improve my skills to be more valuable to a company[…]

Industrial Maintenance Technician (Sara)

Victoria was in constant contact with me throughout the whole process and I believe she worked tirelessly and diligently to find the right fit for my skill set and personality[…]I can't think of anything that needs improvement since all of my expectations were met in spite of the entire country being shut down.

Lead Field Technician (Ian)

Deb was very diligent and helpful.

Warehouse Associate (Gerald)

The communication was always prompt and I got an offer quicker that expected considering the job market right now.

Jr. Quality Engineer (Taylor)

Once again JFC Global comes through. Even a pandemic could not stop them from finding the best candidate. Thanks again!

Manager (Sherry)

I came to JFC in early March to help me find a job in either accounting or human resources. I needed to find a job at a very difficult time with the pandemic that was going on. Amber was able to find me a job that I feel is a great fit.[…]The interview and communication for the position was exceptional.[…]

Accountant (Maribeth)

Staff at JFC Global – Kate, Sabrina, and Alysa were very responsive to my needs and stuck with me through the lengthy job search I had. As my only network here in the area they were crucial in leveraging their relationships in the market to get me a number of interviews, the last of which was successful! […]

Business Analyst (Blake)

JFC Global did a great job matching my skill set with my future employer. The recruiter that I worked with was very responsive and always timely in his replies to my questions and requests.

Electrical Designer (Andrew)

I believe JFC Global did a great job of finding a great fit for me. They were very thorough reviewing my qualifications and strengths. They have been very professional and friendly throughout this process. Sabrina, in particular, has been very friendly and helpful whenever I have contacted her.

Business Analyst (Charles)

Taylor was most helpful. It was easy and efficient. I got a quick interview and started immediately.

Machine Operator (Bradley)

Very responsive, professional, and courteous.

Machine Operator (David)

JFC has been very helpful in any situation They are very pleasant and care about their employees.

Machine Operator (Sandra)

I have been with the company for many years and it has improved very much. This past year has been the best for me.

Data Entry Specialist (Sharon)

Tori was very easy to talk to. I also felt she did a good job preparing me for the interview with [the company] and made sure I felt safe working there with the whole Covid-19 crisis occurring right now.

Product Engineer (Michael)

If you continue to match associates to requirement as you did Josh I would recommend JFC to anyone. You hit it out of the park on Josh.

Supervisor (Sharon)

The confidence, professionalism and friendliness of both Taylor and Rachelle. They stayed in close communication for the duration of the employment placement process. They are truly wonderful to work with!

IT Support Manager (Michael)

Not only was I provided a job in the midst of a pandemic, but my recruiter was extremely professional and kind. The whole process was painless and headache free and I couldn't be more grateful.

Procurement Assistant (Jason)

Professionalism. Quick follow-up and follow-through kept pace with a process that probably went faster than expected for all involved. I couldn't have asked for a smoother process.

Programmer (Everett)

Michael Paul was very thoughtful and always communicated with me[…]She genuinely kept my best interest in mind during the whole recruiting process. If she, as I imagine her to be, is the norm of JFC I will be happy to recommend JFC to anyone I know who might be looking to move into another role. […]

Application Developer (Christopher)

Great service and very helpful. I'm very satisfied with the job she has got me thank you so much it helped me out a lot.

Machine Operator (Shyquin)

JFC Global was extremely professional and courteous through the whole process. They provided a personal touch to the recruiting process and I felt I could contact them at any time with any questions or concerns. The interview prep suggestions they provided proved to be very valuable. […]

VOIP Engineer (Heather)

Organized and efficient. Managed to find a perfect job for me. I know it was not easy.

Clerk (Cora)

Thank you for matching Michael with our firm as he has been a great addition to our team.

Senior Project Manager (Deb)

I love the internal customer service I have received from Dani in your Harrisburg office as my job recruiter.

Patient Account Associate (DiJawn)

Nelson took time to learn about my situation and what I really wanted out of my next job opportunity. We kept in touch for a few months until the right opportunity came around for me. In fact – I have already mentioned to a colleague how stress-free the process was with you, and recommended she get in touch as well.

Bookkeeper (Brittany)

Friendly and helpful staff. Any questions I had were promptly answered by Mike, and he was readily available when any arose. […] It was a great experience.

Equipment Operator (Daniel)

The staffs were very helpful and friendly. Went out of their way to help me get a job by giving me helpful resume and interviewing tips. As well as getting me the salary I wanted. […] The company is doing a great job.

Accountant (Arshanie)

Chris found a job for me within a reasonable amount of time and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Clerk (Claire)

The interviewer and process was professional and made me feel comfortable.

Call Center Representative (Tameka)

Very professional friendly helpful

Material Handler (Neil)

JFC Global has a better relationship with employers looking for new employees than those job websites. With JFC Global I had an advocate in Scott Blake[…]he was able to contact those employers and sell my qualities that he sees in me […]Scott narrowed in on the career I wanted and got me that job!

CAD Operator (Mark)

Nick was brought over to my team as we found a role for him that lined up with his career goals. He has exceeded expectations in this role to this point and continues to excel with all tasks given to him.

Manager (Caleb)

Everyone was welcoming and friendly

Call Center Representative (Tequala)

Dani was a great recruiter and helped me more than any other recruiter from other agencies have helped me.

Toll Enforcement Representative (Ksandra)

I found the experience with JFC to be very professional and positive.

Front Counter Associate (Pamela)

Very helpful & communicative in my search for a new job.

Secretary (Carol)

Taylor is a very friendly person and responds to you quick!

Assembler (Emily)

Friendly and courteous people

Customer Service Representative (Kenneth)

Nikki Jordan was fantastic. Her help was essential in getting our position filled in a timely manner. Thanks.

Vice President of Finance (Daniel )

Great communication and follow up. Customer service was exceptional as well. I'm getting ready to refer someone to JFC Global.

Buyer (Todd)

Marcus did a great job and found me a great job on the first try! […] Everything was top notch!

HVAC Installer (Marcus)

Very friendly and professional. Prompt courteous service. Always there for me, even on weekends.

CNC Machinist (Robert)

Ms. Tori Lorenski, and Mr. Scott Blake, are two people that care quite a lot about what they do[…]Tori had me in an interview within a month. And hired to my new job in less than three months[…]I am so grateful for JFC Global and all the people that helped me and my family[…]Wonderful company, wonderful employees

CAD Designer (Michael)

[..]She[Courtney Shaffer] listened to all my concerns and interacted with me in a kind-hearted and patient manner that made me feel important[…]I enjoyed my visit and am very thankful for the service I received. I would and will definitely recommend JFC Staffing to any and all who cross my path in need of employment

Packer (Sandy)

I think JFC Global did a great job with listening to what our company needed and provided qualified candidates for the position in a timely manner! […] I think everything went great!

Vice President (Heather)

Laurel did a fantastic job matching my skills with an interested employer. She took the time to identify my strengths and was always helpful and positive through the process. My new position is a perfect match thanks to her.

Customer Service Representative (Christine)

I referred a former coworker to JFC Global and Michael Paul was able to place them at a new position within a week. Michael recently assisted me with finding a new job opportunity[…] This is the second time I have worked with JFC Global to find a new job and both times have yielded fast results and interviews.

Desktop Support Specialist (Robert)

Rachelle was amazing from minute one and was always available, pleasant, and professional!

Corporate Trainer (Jenna)

Because my recruiter was awesome and helped me out during ever step. Plus he never gave up on me when I had some set backs. I am extremely thankful for that. If I ever need help finding a welding job he will be the first call I will make.[…] It was the best experience I have had using a recruiting service.

Welder (Tristan)

Maria was very thorough with her background and references to ensure that she wasn't sending me over to a job that didn't fit me or the company. […] From keeping in touch constantly, Being real friendly and professional, and helped me restructured my resume to appeal more to the employer. Everything was handled well.

CNC Lathe Operator (Junior)

My experience with Marcus Glover was a great one. He stayed in contact with me about job openings.

Welder (William)

Because her customer service and hospitality was very good I would say it was the best I ever had.[…]everything was great and professional

CNC Lathe Operator (Steven)

It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Shariah during these past few months. She is a quick learner and asks questions when clarity is needed. Importantly, she was very personable, kind, and fun! We'll miss her.

Executive Director (Harry)

The experience was incredibly easy, pleasant, well-planned, and ultimately successful. Nelson was knowledgeable, honest, experienced, and listened enough to find me my dream job.[…] I really felt heard and valued throughout the experience and recommend it to anyone I know searching for a job. […]

Bookkeeper (Megan)

Beverly has been an asset to [our company] in the 30 days she has been here. She is pleasant and interacts very well with all of the staff.

Loan Operations Manager (Linda)

Very prepared staff. The recruiter helped me a lot and treated me very good. Was a very good experience. JFC vs others Temp Agencies be like (JFC 10 – others 0). 😉 […] Jos Snchez and the other members who helped me are very kind and professional people.

Equipment Operator (Glenda)

I Believe In Teamwork When It Comes To Any Job Task And I Think JFC Is A Great Team When It Comes To Helping People Find The Right Job At The Right Moment […]

Operator (Carlos)

I really don't feel like I'm just another body to fill a position quick. I had a payroll question and it was immediately answered. Not given the run around.

Forklift Operator (Jonathan)

I felt Chris did a great job in waiting to get me the best fit for the hourly rate that I needed. He did not try and get me to take another job for less than what I wanted. He was always good at checking in with me each week and always got back to me quickly.[…]I would recommend JFC to anyone I know looking for a job

Department Administrator (Sandra)

We have hired the past two temps from JFC for full time positions. You[JFC] did a perfect job of matching the right person to the job requirements. Chris Kokes did a wonderful job of following up and making sure our needs were continually met. I would use JFC again without hesitation.

President (Silas)

They were super helpful and willing to be cooperative with working around meetings, my schedule, etc. They presented helpful input on how to interview, what to prepare for, how to approach the interview, etc. […] Everything went seamless, smooth and quick.

IT System Administrator (Joseph)

Good company that you've allowed me to work and interested on how I'm doing with the new job and got the pay rate I was looking for.

Welder (Leroy)

The recruiters are professional, determined and qualified. They have a very sharp eye when it comes to connecting you with the right opportunity. JFC is a great place for new beginnings or a career change.

Loan Operations (Beverly)

My experience with JFC Global has far exceeded the professionalism of any of the other consulting groups I have worked with. They truly are looking for the right fit for the individual as well as the client.

Business Analyst (Patricia)

The staff at JFC Global, in particular Carley Bobb, were outstanding. The communication and attention to detail was fantastic. Carley did an amazing job negotiating with her client on my behalf and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. […]

Machine Design Engineer (Earl)

Fast service in getting me back to the workforce. Found me a great job with good people.

Toolroom Attendant (Scott)

Excellent support and service.

Customer Service Representative (Kimberly)

Professionalism of recruiter – Nikki Jordan, both with me and the client firm. Nikki provided me with very useful information and guidance for my interview.

Accounting Manager (Donald)

Nikki was great at helping navigate a difficult transition of personnel. Communication was open and honest which allowed us to move through the process effectively. Additionally, Nikki provided advice and guidance around the entire hiring process which was very helpful!

Director of Finance (Dave)

I enjoy the job, the hours are reasonable and the warehouse is very good with their safety and ergonomics. I have referred the company to two of my friends looking for work.

Manufacturing Operator (Mariah)

Rachelle is the most considerate recruiter I ever worked with. After deciding to leave my job of 13 years and interviewing with other recruiters from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, Rachelle helped me through the job market[…] I will recommend JFC Global to anybody looking for a new position!

Senior Network Engineer (Peter)

I was contacted quickly by a recruiter and matched within a week for a position I qualified for. My recruiter Brittany, is quickly responsive when I have questions or issues.

Data Entry Associate (Mikeleen)

Good service, always have a job because of the company.

Assembler (Donald)

Everyone was extremely nice. The lady at the front desk and of course Catherine. Didn't waste no time on finding me a job which is always a major plus.

General Labor (Zachary)

Rachelle was so helpful. She really helped me through the process. […] Rachelle was on top of things every step of the way.

Programmer (Christina)

The service and responsiveness of Rachelle was exceptional. We needed to fill two positions ASAP and found two highly qualified candidates within a week. Rachelle was very helpful […] We couldn't be happier with her and the JFC Global team's service.

President (Ken)

JFC helped me find a job that was perfect for me.

Assembler (Lauren)

Ever since I have worked through JFC, even from previous experience, I have always liked the atmosphere and […] job assignments and their locations. The pay is also wonderful as well as the staff recruitment team of JFC.

Data Entry Associate (Natasha)

I love all.

General Labor (Troy)

Chris was great to work with. He always made sure we had coverage and communicated very well with me. Thanks.

President (Jonathan)

The staff are very accommodating and understanding.

Manufacturing Operator (Anthony)

Chris Kokes has been a pleasure to work with throughout this entire process. He has kept me fully informed and answered any question or concern that I have had.

Attorney (Chris)

I felt like she [Michael Paul] really got to know me and what my goals were. […] she was very understanding and worked with me to find the perfect fit. […] The experience working with JFC has been very good and I definitely try to mention them to anyone who is or will be seeking work.

Application Developer (Zachary)

I had a wonderful experience from the receptionist to the recruiter who helped me find work. They were both pleasant and helped me to understand everything I needed to know and I appreciated that a lot.

Packer/Assembler (Danari)

Tori Lorenski who helped me get this job is a good listener, and she has a keen sense of connecting clients with matching jobs. She has a great personality and very attentive to clients' needs. I greatly appreciate her finding me this opportunity! […] Everyone I met was courteous and pleasant. […]

Technical Writer (Mavish)

Nikki Jordan was very exceptional in her work. She knows how to work with candidates. She's very knowledgeable of the job market and walks the candidate through each step of the hiring process.

Staff Accountant (Taffi)

Outstanding communications, service and availability to reach my JFC contacts.

HR Director (Kim)

The helpfulness and caring shown by my JFC Global reps is the best I have ever experienced.

Quality Assurance Analyst (Brett)

I appreciated the diligence of the recruiters I worked with […] I met with Michael Paul on Thursday and I was meeting with a prospective employer on the following Monday. A day later, I started working with them on a contractual basis. It doesn't get any better than that!

Web Developer (Justin)

Chris Kokes was wonderful to work with. He was understanding, patient & considerate. He was determined to meet my needs for a job & really made it happen! I appreciate all his help & highly recommend him.

Administrative Support (Rachel)

Very friendly staff and easy to work with. […]experience was fantastic talking to Alex and working with him.

Chemical Mill Operator (Zachary)

Tori is great! I got feedback quickly and if she wasn't sure she was upfront and honest about it but always got me an answer! […] I'm very happy with my experience!

Accounting Specialist (Bryan)

She [Harlie Snyder in JFC Workforce] got me a job quickly and was great through the process.

Material Handler (Rebekkah)

Victoria Blackburn was extremely helpful in assisting me in my search for employment. Informative, friendly, and handled everything in a time sensitive manner. I'm overjoyed that she helped me find a new job so quickly.

Help Desk Professional (Christopher)

Everyone in the office was very nice. My recruiter is great.

Material Handler (Kimberly)

Rachelle kept in touch with me from the time I reached out and constantly made me feel like I wasn't in the job hunt alone. It allowed me to take a break from applying places all the time, and it ended up working out for me.

Applications Analyst (Michael)

Being one of the oldest staffing companies they are still rated high. I've worked for JFC back in the 80's and they are still going strong while other agencies have faded away. All that I can say is keep up the good work! […]

Clerk (Clara)

Catherine was absolutely wonderful and she made the whole experience seamless and very easy.[…] Everything was top service!

Customer Service Coordinator (Catherine)

Alex really helped me out a lot! He was always keeping in contact with me to inform me about my hiring process, etc. He answered every question I had […] Excellent recruiter! This is the first time I ever went through a temp agency, and it sure didn't seem like a temp. But even better!

Material Handler (Brandon)

Ryan is a good hard working person and served us well during his time here. He is highly recommended for any future endeavors.

Operations Chief (Ed)

Amber always goes above and beyond to help us find qualified candidates – and make my life easier! Her follow-up is amazing, and she's always on top of our scheduling needs even though they are CRAZY most of the time![…] Keep up the good work!

HR Manager (Stacey)

Excellent candidate in this tough climate to find good people […]

HR Manager (Vicki)

Y'all are very patient and understanding with us I really appreciate you all […] y'all definitely hold y'all word

Assembler (Raushan)

Employees are very professional and prompt in returning emails, calls, etc.

Receptionist (Karen)

JFC gets the […] best jobs especially new jobs! JFC saved me a few times!

Picker/Packer Associate (Joseph)

[…]The JFC staff is very polite and nice and I feel comfortable y all always return my phone calls and y all got me a job that I like.

Call Center Representative (Kiera)

JFC was very helpful in finding employment for me based on my experience and resume. […] I feel JFC is very professional and helpful! I am grateful for their help in my job search!

Receptionist (Linda)

[…] Diane's online ability to address the first concerns of the end user has been great. She has learned to utilize her tools appropriately to where we are going to include her in some of the hardware classes again. This will give her further exposure to our helpdesk environment […]

Supervisor (Amanda)

Nice people that are serious about helping others succeed.

Warehouse Associate (John)

I was contacted within one day after placing application. JFC representative was professional and sent all information to be completed in a timely manner. Hired for a position within 10 days.

Clerical Assistant (Wendy)

Warm atmosphere. Everyone is nice in the office. They are all very helpful and they keep trying to find the job you are looking for […]

Case Picker (Spring)

I think JFC Global did a great job matching my skills to the needs of the company. […] they listened to both the employer and the candidate the whole way through the process. JFC was responsive to phone calls and emails and kept me informed the entire time in the process. […]

Manager (Glenn)

Haley and Amber! These ladies were simply amazing and great to talk to. They truly took an interest and helped me find a great job.

Accountant (Shelby)

Sabrina and Michael always made sure I had the absolute best information during the entire hiring process.[…] I never felt like I was more prepared for any meeting, let alone a job interview. It had been almost 15 years since I had to seriously interview for a new job, and they always made me feel completely at ease.

Technology Systems Manager (Justin)

Great service, kind people, quick turnaround from application to a placement.

Administrative Assistant (Cole)

I believe that JFC is a very a good employment agency. They position candidates in positions and fields that work best for the candidate.

Customer Care Advisor (Kenton)

[…]My recruiter Michelle is awesome. Great job postings. My experience in the past was always awesome. Nice job sites, environments, and job locations. […]

Administrative Assistant (Natasha)

Excellent service and attitude, extremely effective and fast responses, great communication.

Programmer (Robert)

I love that JFC Global finds positions that are a perfect fit for you. I originally came in contact with this company for another job and when I sit back and think of it, it would have never worked out with my life.[…] I realize waiting for the right one is worth it.

Financial Coordinator (Latoya)

My experience was even better than I originally expected when I first reached out to JFC Global[…]Essentially they streamlined the entire job finding/interview process so that I had plenty of opportunities, and that I was prepared for the interviews.[…]I didn't just feel like I was simply another job seeker[…]

Systems Administrator (Matthew)

You guys are great

General Warehouse Worker (Isaac)

The JFC Global employees are very professional and treated me and my particular situation very well. Also, the entire process is done in a controlled manner. There is a clear understanding as to what is required. The speedy result in finding a job match is impressive. Thank you.

Accounts Receivable Specialist (Jim)

Charlie is excellently engaged in his role. He has a full understanding of his responsibilities and the scope that it impacts. Charlie has proven to be a quick learner and this is extremely valuable in his current dynamic.

IS Help Desk Senior Manager (Amanda)

Rachelle was fantastic to work with. She provided me with invaluable tips, and advice. She made me feel like I wasn't in the job hunt alone. I never felt as prepared for an interview, or for a new job, as I did working with Rachelle.

Systems Administrator (Alexander)

The JFC Global staff was very helpful from the beginning. They made sure to keep in touch with me every time before interview after interview. Also provided me with interview tips.

Software Engineer Developer (Kamalesvari)

You were on it quickly and actually within one meeting found the right place for me.

Software Product Manager (Diane)

Alysa Hart was descriptive when explaining how JFC helps their clients find jobs and the details about the positions. She always made sure to follow up on my current status […]I felt that she honestly wanted to help me find a position and because of her help I will definitely refer others to the JFC Lancaster Office.

Web Application Developer (Adrian)

I really value how I'm treated as a person and I feel like I am valued as an employee and not just another paycheck.

IT Help Desk (Zachary)

JFC has always conducted themselves as professional. I have utilized JFC services three times and although the first couple didn't work out for various reasons, they were always great opportunities.

Help Desk Analyst (Brandon)

My experience has been phenomenal from the beginning. My communications with Alysa and/or Sabrina have been fantastic while getting into my opportunity […] Everyone is very sweet and courteous and I cannot say enough for the effort that is being done for me to help me find another position closer to my new home.

Help Desk Professional (Joanne)

Margaret is an excellent team player, she is hardworking, attentive and brings laughter to our office. We enjoy having her here and she does a fantastic job with any task!

Director (Elisha-Kay)

JFC is great! Tori Lorenski is my rep and she has been very helpful since the very beginning even while I was having computer problems with my personal computer. She always has a smile on, is timely in her response times, and is a constant professional.

Procurement Assistant (Jodelle)

Recruiter was excellent and helped me secure a position quickly.

Receptionist (Jasmine)

The recruiting staff was super helpful when it came to preparing for each step in the interview process.

Mobile Application Developer (Adrian)

The recruitment, interview, and placement process was effortless. All the little things that are usually tedious with other staffing companies (i.e, time entry, paystubs, calling out, etc), have clear directions and when I am in need I am responded to by someone at JFC super speedily.

Order Entry Specialist (Rachael)

It was a fast process, started working almost instantly

General Warehouse (Ricky)

Catherine was excellent! She had great professionalism and was very friendly and extremely helpful. She had found me a job the first day I met with her! One thing we can improve: Nothing! It was a great experience! Keep up the amazing work!

Production Helper (Carol)

You got me a good paying job.

Warehouse Worker (Chasity)

Because of great way the staff helps you.

General Admin (Diane)

Very easy to talk to and they work with clients needs.

General Warehouse (Jodi)

I always have great experiences with JFC Global and Sabrina Strong Gallagher in particular. The market is tough right now for quality IT talent, but she always pulls through! I'm happy with the current service.

VP of IT (Michael)

The excellent professionalism and communication! I know most things have room for improvement, but I can t think of one with JFC! They re great!

Data Entry Specialist (Madeline)

Jazmin was amazing and helped me in every way possible. She didn t promise me anything she wasn't able follow through with. Your agency is by far the most organized and professional I ve worked with. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Machine Operator (Johnattan)

Your staff is great and they explain the jobs in great detail and the job they placed me at is a great place.

Assembler (Michelle)

Great experience and very professional!

General Laborer (Edgardo)

Jazmin in West Lawn went over and beyond, had several interviews lined up for me and she kept in contact with me throughout everything.

Material Handler (DeVante)

Rachelle Kollar and Michael Paul provided a very comprehensive and professional recruitment experience. I will recommend JFC Global to everyone looking to improve their careers. Do not change a thing. Your company lives up to your advertised mission statement.

IT Project Manager (Michael)

Because my experience with JFC, and more specifically, Bethany Vansickle was just that positive. When referring one of my friends or colleagues I would speak to how quickly Bethany got me in for an interview and placed me and she did so having never worked with me before.which I really appreciated. Thank you!….

Order Entry Specialist (Rachael)

This is my first time looking for a job through Agency. Especially Alysa Hart, she helped me from the very beginning looking for job for me, provides me tips and tricks about the job interview, and more in a professional and friendly approach. If there is a scale more than 10 out of 10 she deserve it a ++.

Developer (Tadesse)

Really nice employees, helpful employees, and good job opportunities!

Machine Operator (Weslee)

My JFC experience has been amazing…professional, great communication, responsive, helpful, and super positive!

Administrative Assistant (Jessica)

Our recruiter, Nikki Jordan has always been very responsive to our needs. She has taken the time to provide a well-rounded group of candidates, to the point of making it difficult to choose just one for a position as most of the presented candidates appear like they would have excelled in the position.

Hiring Manager (John)

I gave JFC a rating of 10 because of the level of involvement they provide for their candidates. I really enjoyed having Nelson, in particular, reach out to me each time he came across a new opportunity He helped me get in front of two awesome companies, and ultimately secure a position with one of them. I do not believe there is anything that could have been improved upon. Everything was seamless from the beginning to the end.

Financial Analyst (Cody)

You blessed me with a good job-I have great respect for you

Shipping Department Associate (David)

Very friendly and professional team at Scottsdale Plaza.

Hospital Administration (Linda)

Excellent service by Laurel. Everyone was really friendly and extremely helpful. I was placed at a preferred job immediately.

Laborer (Giles)

Our candidate has been doing a great job for us. Our recruiter, Dani knew exactly what we were looking for and found us a great candidate.

Director of Recruiting (Phil)

JFC really helped me in finding a great job!

Patient Account Representative (Cherie)

JFC had gotten me a job quick and easy. Very professional as well!

Assembly Worker (Boyd)

Best staffing company I have ever worked with. Michelle, Jesse, and all the other staff have been above and beyond amazing and helpful. Everything was done quickly, and they ve been openly communicating about everything! Before I got hired for this job, Michelle was able to find 3 jobs including this one that matched perfectly to what I was looking for, and she helped me get the one I have now! I ve already recommended JFC to fellow friends!

Patient Account Associate (Chelsea-Rae)

My primary reason was because when I called JFC and they reached out to me he got me two interviews within two days and both of them were very successful interviews with the second one hire me today

HVAC Mechanic (Jimmy)

The communication from this company is amazing! Working with Katherine, I never felt alone during the hiring process. She always kept in contact with me about every step I took to get the job. This company helped me get my foot into the door for the career I have dreamt of having, and was the perfect fit for my work/life balance.

Patient Registration Associate (Camisha)

The agent I worked with was very responsive, contacting me almost everyday with work relative to my skills and passions. Not pushy about taking a job if I did not like it, but yet also encouraged me to look at jobs that would stretch me out of my comfort zone. She was kind and professional, very accommodating to my tight schedule. She went above and beyond what was expected of her and I keep recommending people to go to JFC because of what a good job she does there.

Electronic Assembler (Josiah)

This is my first Staffing company I have worked for and Bethany found me a job on the very first interview!

Packer (Basheerah)

Service provided in job search and friendliness of staff and receptionist. Catherine at the York office was especially helpful to me and immediately sent me to two interviews, one of which resulted in me finding a temporary position!

Receptionist (Linda)

Good service!

Packer (Makenzie)

Everyone from the receptionist to the recruiter was very helpful!

Scaling Associate (Troy)

Professional environment and courtesy, from the receptionist to the recruiters!

Packer (Van)

It was excellent customer service and they placed me in a job very quickly!

Inside Sales Coordinator (Julia)

I have heard multiple good reviews about JFC! I have been referred to and know a few people who got their job title under JFC and that it''s the number one client satisfaction staffing for several years and that speaks a lot to me!

Packer (Kirsten)

The staff is very interested in placing someone out to work. Very friendly staff!

Packer (Joseph)

Positive people, great with communicating, friendly, answers questions and concerns!

Procurement Assistant (Aimee)

Very professional company-staff is interested in their clients!

Inspection Scheduler (Janie)

Very professional, nice, and dedicated!

Shipping Clerk (Denise)

Excellent service!

Packer (Kristina)

Everyone is very nice and very prompt in helping me find a job, even if it s temporary!

Data Entry (Shaina)

Very quick and helpful to get me placed into a position I wanted!

Warehouse Helper (Jason)

Bethany is very good at her job and also seems genuinely excited and happy for her clients!

Professional Debt Collector (Traci)

Everybody there is very friendly and nice!

Forklift Operator (Rodriguez)

I'm like to work and I'm so happy in my position!

Packer (Victoria)

JFC helps you find a job quickly and one that fits what you looking for!

Janitor (Monique)

I thought all of my time with JFC Global was productive, professional, effective and efficient. Rachelle and Michael provided an outstanding experience and I''m very thankful I was able to work with them. They were able to find me interviews very quickly and now I can thank them for the job I recently started.

IT Support Specialist (Mark)

Michael was great – she provided excellent assistance with not only my job search, but also with interview tips and general advice. I had also been interviewing with other companies not tied to JFC and she was just as supportive and helpful with those opportunities as as she was the positions through JFC – I never felt like I was being pushed to accept one position but was encouraged to do what was best for my career. I ended up accepting a position that she had set me up with and I believe this will be a great fit!

IT Analyst (Ryan)

Michael Paul is an effective and hard-working recruiter. I have had poor experiences in the past with recruiters and I genuinely felt as though she was trying to find the right candidate and not simply place someone she would pluck from me later. I will continue to use her in the future.

COO (Darren)

I was able to make an appointment and talk to someone right away about my employment search. And, within a week I had an interview followed by a job offer. The whole time I was able to get in touch with Scott, who was working with me. This is extremely important in this process. Everything went the way I would have hoped.

Electrical Engineer (Amy)

This is one of the best and most reliable temp agencies I have been with. A ten would be a permanent position.

Warehouse worker (Eric)

Good company, very professional

Warehouse (Carlin)

You associate was a solid fit at a great rate. As always, Sabrina Strong Gallagher provided outstanding service.

Senior Director of Technology (John)

Rachelle knows me as a person who can never give something a 10; but that's not true any more. Rachelle has been phenomenal to work with. I appreciate the time she took getting to know me and answer all of my questions. I felt like Rachelle was thorough and diligent in finding a great job match for me and helping me take the next step in my career! Additionally, when it came to compensation, I feel like Rachelle and Michael went the extra mile to help me secure a great starting salary.

Krzysztof P

I've already recommended someone. Alysa Hart works quickly and diligently while still being extremely hospitable. At a time where I wasn't getting a lot of call backs she managed to get me several offers and I pretty much started the next week. She was a wonderful coach prior to my interview and after, which was successful.


I went in the office on a Wednesday, and started work the following Wednesday. The staffing agent, named Laurel, was more then helpful. I left with a smile each time I was there.


JFC, Rachelle in particular, is the only company out of over one hundred that bothered to read my CV past the first page to see that I have a background rich enough to qualify for the jobs I was applying for at the salary I was requesting. You folks literally saved my life.

Andrew K

JFC always delivers, even in a competitive job market like this one.

Development Manager (Stephan)

Everyone I met on the staff was very polite and facilitating. My recruiter helped me get into a position that provided everything I asked for from distance, pay, and upward mobility.

Samuel L

Communication and tips were top notch and Victoria and Sabrina helped me prepare when I wasn't sure what to do. Pretty solid company.


Sabrina was extremely good at her job, I felt like I had a major advantage over anyone else trying for the job.


JFC has helped me to quickly find a position that meets my needs, and one that I will really enjoy. I would highly recommend this to my friends in the technology industry who are looking for a job change or a job in the field. Alysa and Michael were wonderful to work with, and were extremely helpful through everything.


I feel I have a true partner in human resources with JFC Global. They understand where I'm coming from with respect to requirements, attitude, and cost. Performance, communication, relationship – it's all there!

VP Information Technology (Mark)

Sabrina continues to be the best resource I have when it comes to filling open positions. She has taken the time over many years to get to know my needs and preferences, and that saves valuable time during the hiring process. She is personable, professional, and very efficient at what she does!

CIO (Chuck)

Sabrina is great to work with and only sends qualified candidates. She understands our needs and works hard to meet/exceed our requirements. We're happy!

Vice President of IT (Michael)

In my job search, I have worked with several staffing agencies. JFC was the most organized, listed to what I was looking for, and was an advocate for me to get into a help desk position despite having less experience in IT than the employer was looking for.

Aaron B

Alysa and Michael took great care of me. I would be happy to refer their service to others. I first met Alysa on November 14, 2018. I was offered a job by December 13, 2018 after a year and three months of looking on my own while also waiting for approximately seven months for a federal position. Alysa scheduled an interview right away and provided resources for me to prepare. Michael, who normally works with this specific company, also helped by providing background information and suggestions. Working with both of them was a pleasure and blessing. They take great pride in their work and worked very hard for both parties involved.


Scott was very on point throughout the entire process when I had questions he had the answers or got the answers in a timely manner there was no waiting around wondering were I was in the process I was up to date all the way through. I was very happy with my experience. I felt connected throughout the entire time from start to finis. Scott was definitely key in getting and keeping the ball rolling and not letting things stall.

Steve W

Our contact at JFC, Michael Paul, was very professional and did an outstanding job of communicating with us throughout all phases of the hiring process. She took time to understand the requirements of the position we were trying to fill and learn about our company to identify the best candidate for us. Michael was also very diligent in communicating with us prior to and after each interview. Each candidate was well prepared for the interview, completing the employment application in advance making the interview process very efficient. I would highly recommend JFC to other departments in our organization and other companies looking for professional recruiting services.

IT Director (Scot)

Working with Amber Sutphen is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and helped me get into a job I love!


I was very pleased with JFC because my recruiter was very nice to me and she answered, very nicely, every question I had. One very imporant thing to mention- she got me a job very fast! Very good! Great! Also the secretary in the front very nice too!


Catherine has been really nice and straight forward with me from the start!

Lena Adams

Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting has been pleasant, professional, and courteous. The streamlined process is encouraging. I was placed in a position immediately.

Kelli Raysor

Good correspondence about job opportunities available and positive transition into job position.

Rachel F

I am Pleased. I Had an opportunity to work With Ms. Boslet, from Carlisle Pa. From the moment of meeting and interviewing with her, she had been my She'ro and direct contact from beginning to end until I had been placed within employment. I have dealt with JFC within the past for assignments, But Ms. Boslet, has been beyond my expectations thus far, I've worked with several people within the past over at Camp Hill, Pa office but I've had a greater and better feeling within Carlisle, Pa. Over all, I have nothing ill to say for improvements, but thanks much for accepting me and placing me within .

Darryl F

Because I have tried workforces before, and they don''t stack up to you. You were polite, answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable. not another number you just throw out to a field. gave me choices.


Connie has been an excellent addition to our team. Her attendance and work ethic are fantastic. We look forward to hiring her as one our own!!

JFC Client (Kimberly)

Alex got my resume in to the employer quickly, in enough time for me to still compete for the position.

Angelic M

I choose a ten rating because I haven''t had any avoidable problems and the unavoidable problems were fixed as soon as possible

Brenden H

The person you placed with us is awesome. Sabrina always exceeds our expectations with candidates!

Director, Web Services (Corey)

Dani was more than prepared when I walked in the door to meet with her. She offered me the best position matching my skills and I had an interview the next day with the potential employer. I struggled for months to get an interview. I will refer everyone to JFC!

Angela G

Ron hit the ground running from day one and has been a huge help for our needs. His attention to detail and expertise are greatly appreciated. We re looking forward to continuing working with him!

IT Services Director (Shane )

I worked with Amber Hooks and she was excellent. I placed my resume with three different staffing companies and JFC absolutely was top notch. I have already recommended them to my son and hope he takes advantage of your service.

Catherine W

I have been a client of JFC Global IT Staffing for over 20 years. I began working with Sabrina Strong Gallagher in 2011 when she worked quite diligently to find a DBA that was needed within a very short time frame. Since then, Sabrina has worked with our organization to fill both short term/ long term and contract to hire positions. Recently, Sabrina was able to fill an integral IT position within 4 days- quite the extraordinary given the employment atmosphere in today's IT world. I am always impressed with Sabrina's level of professionalism and her patience in finding the correct match between the candidate and our company. Sabrina sees the bigger picture and, as an HR professional, I find that trait greatly appreciated. I can say, without hesitation, that Sabrina has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. She doesn't view the recruiting/hiring process as winning at all costs; instead, she knows that looking for a good match is always a win-win proposition. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Sabrina and her professional recruitment services. She is an honest and forthright professional and does an outstanding job matching company needs to a professional's career desires.

Sr. HR Generalist (Tammi)

I was provided the best service with JFC. I was in a tough spot and Michael Paul worked with me all the way. Couldn''t have asked for a better person to represent me!

Scott B

Very good at matching people and companies based on skills and requirements. It only took about two weeks total and I found a great position and your representative was informative, patent, and helpful the whole way.

Jordan H

When I needed a job JFC always helped and I am thankful for JFC's help.

Ronnie C

Molly provided us with a well qualified candidate on extremely short notice! She''s been great to work with.

Director of HR & Finance (Tara)

Amber Hooks went above and beyond. I landed the job I wanted. Her tips were amazing. I didn't feel rushed and I felt she genuinely cared and wanted me to succeed. I really do appreciate JFC and what they have done for me. THANK YOU!

Christopher M

Rachelle was quick to respond to me and offered me positions that were well suited to my career path. She was understanding to my likes/dislikes of positions and helped me every step of the way.

Vanessa M

I'm fairly new to this whole process, but from my experience it was good!


I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I don't think that I would have applied to this job on my own. You providing some back story and more insight on the job and what they're looking for- it really made more sense after we talked through it. The recruiters, Sabrina and Michael, were incredibly helpful. Thanks for the work you put into this for me. I appreciated their encouragement, and advice – and the way they kept in contact during the interview process.


10/10, Michael Paul and Rachelle are rock stars!

Director of IT (John)

They seem like they care about there customers

Tracey P

Because of how quickly they got me a job

Miguel W

I ve interviewed for some other agencies and they don t get me placed for employment. JFC was honest about openings available and allowed me to make a decision on if I wanted the position. The staff kept in touch with me about any updates on work availability.

Kashka T

This is the second time JFC has reached out to me out of the blue for a permanent position, and just like that, I was hired within a week and a half! Nikki Jordan is fantastic to work with. She is a TRUE professional. She stays on top of her clients with phone calls, texts messages and emails. I LOVE working with Nikki. I pass her information along to individuals and to professional organizations if they ever need a new career or professional staffing. You have a true gem with Nikki!

Tammy B

This was my first experience with a professional recruiting agency and within a week or so I had spoken with Michael Paul about my career change, interviewed with a company and secured a contract position. That''s about as good as you can get I think. Communication has also been very good.

Adam S

I have had nothing less than a perfect experience with JFC. Nelson was very helpful and I owe him a lot of gratitude for everything he was able to do for me, and how quickly everything happened. Only regret is not using JFC sooner

Jonathan T