The POWER Behind Questions

Not just any questions, but those that challenge us to think and then rethink.  Those that are sometimes so immense we can’t answer them based on our current knowledge or where we currently stand.  To answer these questions we must learn more.

The acclaimed business author Ken Blanchard said, “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a business, a marriage, or a life; any single conversation can.”  I’d like to refine his message by replacing “conversation” with “question.”  (Reread it with this change).

By asking the hard questions we challenge and stretch each other’s thinking.  It’s as if a vacuum is created between what we know and what we need to know; what we currently do and what we need to be able to do (competence versus capacity).  Ask questions of yourself, your peers, clients, candidates, and your manager.  By continually challenging ourselves we will better discover what is possible.

As we progress through the second half of 2013, I challenge you to always be asking the hard questions.  They empower and create new possibilities.  They lead to action and they will produce results.  Become conscious of the questions you are asking.  Evaluate each question and ask, “Is this a good question?  If not, what’s a better one?” Choose the better question.  Be intentional. 

It would be my pleasure to listen and learn from your point of view.  I invite you to ask me your questions and/or tell me of your idea(s).

Jim M. Carchidi, CSP

Executive Vice President

The JFC Staffing Companies