This holiday season, don’t run out of gas!

Would you ever allow yourself to be so busy driving around that you’d forget to fill up your tank of gas?  Of course not…your vehicle would break down.

What about filling up your internal tank?  Failure to do so may lead to a more catastrophic breakdown.

The holidays are an energizing time of year with all the festivities, yet they can also be de-energizing.  Many of us are running from place to place, shopping for gifts.  Others are preparing and hosting a big holiday meal.  However, how many of us are investing the necessary time in ourselves?

Like your vehicle’s dependence on gas; your friends, family and loved ones are dependent on you.  You are the most important component.  It’s not the gifts, not the dinners – it’s you!  Take the necessary breaks from time to time and replenish who you are.  Whether it’s reading books on self-development to fuel your mind, exercising to fuel your body, or practicing faith to fuel your soul; fill up your tank regularly.

This holiday season receive a gift from yourself.  Give yourself the gift of reflection; time invested in you.  Remember, the holidays are special because of people; because of you!

James M. Carchidi, CSP — Executive Vice President — The JFC Staffing Companies