Why Do So Many Talented A-Players Work @ JFC???

Amidst an unstable environment, when things were uncertain and potentially harmful; the JFC family persevered, and made 2012 a huge success!   All 3 JFC companies exceeded goal, 14/15 internal hires were referrals, we were named to Inavero’s “Best of Staffing Client” list, a finalist in Lancaster’s Ethics In Business award, Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best, Sentinel’s Best of West Shore and Best of Carlisle, as well as JFC Global making Central Penn Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies.

Culture is KING/QUEEN here.  Each member of the JFC work family feels a sense of purpose in what they do.   Heck, if you don’t feel a strong purpose for what you do, then chances are you will not bring value to what you do. Everything that we do, both verbal and non-verbal, makes a significant impression on people and defines what type of relationship we will have with that person.  Our philosophy is that we can be successful and not significant but we cannot be significant without being successful.  Success is a measure of our achievement.  Significance is a measure of how our achievement impacts others.  Happiness is not just a mood at JFC; it’s a work ethic.  What we do here is meaningful; our achievements impact others thus making us significant.

Our strategy is quite simple.  It’s not an event or a day; but rather an ongoing effort designed to foster the level of interaction, trust, and cooperation that enables our employees and customers to achieve great things together.  The foundation of our strategy is the Customer Commitment and a relentless focus on improving our ability to execute it.

Our Customer Commitment guides us towards creating those positive experiences for others.  Customer Commitment centers on what all people want and what we have complete control over; to be treated well and given a positive experience.  Our Customer Commitment makes us both successful and significant.  We are successful when you treat customers well; and in doing so we are significant to these customers.  The strategy of our Customer Commitment is simple and relevant.  How we treat the customer (Customers are those who receive the work that we do: both internal and external) is the blueprint for long-term growth and success.  The purpose of our work is to develop other people; our customers.   That’s significant — making things better for others.

Our internal State of the Org Survey had in it 12 questions that were developed by the Gallup Organization scientifically to measure employee engagement.  And while Gallup’s recent poll determined a whopping 72% of American workers are not engaged; JFC’s showed that our work family is quite the opposite.  Everyone on the JFC team participated in the survey.  The results proved we are an engaged team and that our culture is supportive of it.