Why do you work???

Many people quickly respond – for the money.  But when you really stop to think about it, I bet your answer will be different.  Many studies have been done on this, and research shows that most people work for the same reason – and it’s not money!  Their primary goal is to feel a sense of purpose in what they do.   If you don’t feel a strong purpose for what you do, then chances are you will not bring value to what you do.

Let’s apply this to what we do at the JFC Staffing Companies.  Why do our customers do business with us?  Is it because they have a relationship with JFC?  No, it’s because they have a relationship with our valued team members.   Every day we are given the opportunity to create value for others, thus creating a relationship – whether it’s answering a question about an invoice, greeting a co-worker with a smile, solving a computer problem, or placing a candidate with a client.

Everything that we do, both verbal and non-verbal, makes a significant impression on people and defines what type of relationship we will have with that person.  JFC’s Customer Commitment guides us towards creating those positive experiences for our customers.  Talking about it is easy, but actually living that commitment is what will make our work family GREAT.

I encourage you to continually be asking yourself, “How am I creating value in my job?”