Working under the influence – a good thing?

WARNING: you have been working under the influence!

I am not referring to alcohol or controlled substances; I am talking about three internal processes that impact your performance most.

influenceTake a moment and reflect back on your past several days at work.  Now pinpoint a single event that was most challenging or frustrating – we all have one.  You first interpreted the experience that then created feelings which ultimately affected your decision to do (or not do) something.   You were under the influence of perception, emotion, and motivation. 

 According to the studies these three internal processes impact our performance most.  It stems out of the choices we make based on these internal forces – the choices we make!

No doubt, this is a lesson about personal responsibility and accountability.  It is about being answerable to achieving our responsibilities.  You hold the authority over these three internal processes.  This is as simple, or difficult, as deciding how your perceptions, emotions, and motivations will influence your overall mood, actions and performance.

The choice is yours.

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