You Can Build Your Own Ladder

When you are working for the right company, so much about where your career can go depends on what you want to put into it. Do you want to build your own ladder? You can!

One team member in JFC Workforce recently stepped forward to say “Yes I want to do more; and yes, I want to be part of the process!”. I had the pleasure of working with several JFCrs to create this new position and to structure it the way they felt it should be; not just a view from senior leadership. I believe it’s important for all interested team members to be included in these discussions when they come forward expressing their interests. This is one of many perks of working for a family-owned business like JFC – we don’t have red tape here. When we have a new idea to explore, we get started and are given the creative freedom to make changes that will benefit the overall JFC business and team!

I am excited to share one person’s journey, and this new career opportunity that is now created for many!

Meet Brett Ford. Last month Brett held the role of Senior Recruiter, and now I am proud to announce that he holds the new title in JFC Workforce of Business Support Manager.

Having been an integral part of creating this new position, Brett is excited to see his own leadership career interests being supported in this new role, while still getting to live out his customer commitment of serving his customers and candidates while making great job connections.

In Brett’s own words he was quick to express his happiness, “To me, this new role means that JFC is extremely progressive in their professional development of their employees. They hear what their employees are looking for in future roles and are always willing to get creative with how to achieve those goals!I see this benefiting a lot of other JFCrs in the future because of how the role is laid out.”

Brett went on to say “This Business Support Manager role is extra special to me because of the fact that I was included in the process of creating a new position that prior to today, has not existed in JFC Workforce.I am excited to be able to work with the leadership team to continue to grow and develop as a leader at JFC.”

Lindsay Hoke, Director of Recruitment with JFC Workforce was also a critical player in the creation of this new position, as she shares the same passion for moving forward. “JFC has provided me with tremendous learning and opportunities for growth during my tenure with the company. It is my pleasure to be able to pass that along to my team members as well. Having Brett Ford be the first employee to have earned the title of Business Support Manager has been so rewarding for the both of us. I have had the pleasure to witness first-hand the hard work and dedication that Brett has put into his role every day for our internal and external customers alike.”

At JFC, it’s simple. We invest the time and energy into our talent to make them great. We value their ideas and want them to be excited about their long-term career opportunities with us. We’ve learned that people want their work culture to feature continuous learning and recognition for hard work that produces results.

We’re here to help you search for your dream career. Whether it’s placing you in your field of expertise, providing you with insight on your search, or bringing you into the amazing internal culture at JFC, we’re dedicated to helping you. We’re hiring – let’s talk!